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Each had a cast and premise of their own: Other supporting cast members included Mr.

Skullhead (in the "Good Idea, Bad Idea" shorts), a nameless, disaster-prone mime, a nameless kid who is the friend of another (never shown) kid named "Randy Beaman", and Mr.

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The scars of war are often much deeper than what's seen on the surface.

As for the Warners themselves, who made even less sense, they were locked in the studio water tower, relied on original stories featuring original characters (though it did indulge in a bit of self-referential cliché-riding at times).

This approach was unique in the 1990s, since goofball/slapstick-type shows (think ) were being systematically driven out by Moral Guardians who thought that slapstick was too violent for children's TV (something that was frequently a target of the show's humor).

The whole series is now available on DVD, and as of this writing is available on Netflix.

Shorts were generally self-contained, though they frequently crossed over with each other without much warning. Dr: (Searching Wakko frantically) "But you ALWAYS has your gaggy bag!!

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