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Seeds of ethnic tension The race, colour, and class-conscious environment that was colonial plantation society all but ensured that the newly arrived East Indian workers would enter onto the lowest rungs of the colony's social hierarchy.

After a 300-year ancestral presence the newly emancipated African descended population had already absorbed many colonial plantation-society values, which made it highly unlikely they would readily accept the new arrivals as social equals or seek close alliances.

Historically separated from the Afro-Trinidadian population by religion and lifestyle East Indians or Indo-Trinidadians have remained culturally distinct.Bhojpuri, known locally as Hindi, which is still spoken by a few Indo-Trinidadians is now widely used in very popular music genres such as ‘Chutney Soca.' , which marks the end of the Muslim Month of Ramadan and is the most important date on the Islamic calendar, is now an official public holiday in Trinidad and Tobago.This is indicative of a growing recognition of Islam as a major Indo-Trinidadian religion.On the other hand Afro-Trinidadians can only point to one official holiday that specifically acknowledges the Afro-Trinidadian presence.It is August 1, which is celebrated as Emancipation Day and recognizes the freedom from enslavement of the African descended population.

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