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Gaming fans, or "gamers", are fans focused on playing non-sport games, usually role-playing games, board games, miniature wargames, collectible card games or video games.

Music fans can differ somewhat from fans of particular musicians, in that they may focus on a genre of music.

The degree of devotion to celebrities can range from a simple crush to the deluded belief that they have a special relationship with the star which does not exist.

They may also engage in creative activities ("fan labor") such as creating fanzines, writing fan fiction, making memes or drawing fan art.Supporter is a synonym to "fan" that predates the latter term and is still commonly used in British English, especially to denote fans of sports teams.However, the term "fan" has become popular throughout the English-speaking world, including the United Kingdom.Many of the trade journals around music, such as Rolling Stone, were created by music fans.A notable music fan was groupie Cynthia Plaster Caster, famous for making numerous plaster casts of rock stars' penises.

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