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The long term cumulative effects of abuse are often difficult to quantify.Many victims successfully suppress or try and forget unwanted and painful memories.If you are constantly feeling these emotions, they have a hold on you.You can’t begin living life in a new way if any part of you holds on to the old ways.Raise your awareness by recognizing the signs of emotional abuse.

Others have feelings of detachment or isolation; their self-worth and self-esteem are lowered.Someone who will also help you obtain skills, so in the future you will not find yourself in the same situation again.Nothing changes unless you give yourself a chance to change.Because the abuser suffers from internal discomfort and conflicts they don’t know how to address, no amount of logic, submissiveness or kindness will be enough to compensate or satisfy their insecurities.They are not seeking to understand or respect others because they do not fully understand or respect themselves.

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