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Then brush your hair downward until the scalp tingles.Just a few minutes of this treatment each day will tend to keep your scalp in fine condition and enhance the beauty of your "crowning glory." MOUTHEvery woman wants to have an attractive and pleasing mouth.Drink plenty of water and eat plenty of vegetables.We all know well that the armed forces found carrots a definite dietary aid to eyesight.This is the artistic part of the treatment in creating a lovely mouth. Open your mouth and outline your own natural curves.

Your mirror will tell the tale - and it is those little final touches that really count.It develops the natural beauty and lustre of the hair, And it will not spoil the hair-do.When brushing, bend over and let your head hang down.Then a protective cream should be applied to keep hands soft and pliable and to avoid crack and over-dryness.Your nails should be gone over lightly each day, filing to prevent cracks and splits, oiling for the cuticle.

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