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Verification by the police The dating site providers as a group are taking their responsibilities toward subscribers very seriously.‘Profile verifying’ is the primary protection put in place to ensure the enjoyable experience of service users.You should start thinking more about how to improve yourself and never stop looking after your mental and physical health.You need to keep yourself in shape and learn to love yourself more as these would be helpful in your future relationships.You do not need to destroy them but just get them out of sight so that you do not have to see them on a daily basis.Learn from your past relationships After a breakup, most people fail to retrospectively go over the possible or obvious reasons for the breakup and sometimes first go about trying to savage it.Come to terms with your feelings First thing you should do after a breakup is come to terms with your feelings; you cannot just suppress them and think they will go away just like that. You must accept the pain that a breakup brings along with it and make peace with it.Take it in good-faith that it has happened; forgive your partner for whatever role they might have played in the breakup.

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Also, by the time you have dealt with your feelings and emotions about the breakup and you have let all the frustration and bitterness to go, you will come to realise that your heart will now be open and willing to love again.Verification methods aim to keep the frauds out of chat rooms.By checking with credit card details the dating sites make sure the people they match together really are the people they say they are.Once the breakup has happened it does not matter whose fault it is and therefore we should avoid apportioning blames either on ourselves or our former partner.Things often happen in life that we have no control over and all we can do is what is within our power and to leave the rest to God.

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